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Mitsubishi Sucks Resources

"Sucks" (Gripe, protest) sites on Mitsubishi, other car manufacturers, or businesses related to MItsubishi's businesses.

Melting Mitsubishi: The Game
Shawn's new Lancer's paint started wearing off after just a few months of ownership. Now you too can relive the experience through an interesting game. Enjoy!

Rusting 2000 Mitsubishi Galant Lemon
Account with pictures of a Mitsubishi Galant "that is rusting in the engine compartment and most seams throughout the car. It all started in less than 2 months ... before any snow or salt was on the road."

Daimler Chrysler's 300M, Dodge Intrepid, Concorde, LHS Problems
Defective steering, seatbelts, transmissions, seats that collapse backwards and much more about Chrysler's vehicles. some of them designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors.

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