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Mitsubishi World War II Slave Labor Resources

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Mitsubishi World War II Slave Labor resources.

Herman Mathis - WWII Slave Labor POW
Atlanta-based law firm has been fighting on POWs' side. Info on Clarence Bjork, Joseph Cassin.

Proviso East High School Bataan Commemorative Research Project
Daniel N. Stoudt, Authur W. Jones, Robert J. Stewart, Robert E. Peterson, Ben R. Morin, Frank Goldstein are listed here.

Combat Vets
Bio of Authur W. Jones.

Paul Edward Perry's Website

Raymond Pelkey

Harrison Heritage
Gail Jack Kelley, James T. Perry.

Circle is never broken by Russell A. Grokett

George Francis

pdf file of book by Kary Cadmus Emerson
Be careful. pdf files don't work well on some systems.

Adoulph D. Dickson

Frank Hoeffer

Captain George Duffy's POW Page
Link to information on fellow POW Geoffrey Sherring.

Lester I Tenney
Edward Jackfert, Frank Bigelow, Maurice Mo Mazer, Harold W. Poole, Lester I Tenney (Dr.) testified at US Senate and House.

Lester Tenney's testimony on September 25, 2002

World War II Slave Labor

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