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IMPORTANT: Will be revamping this page during soon around April 2005 it comprehensive and up-to-date.

An auto consumer advocany site has the following to say about Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi has never quite caught on in the U.S. market. Reading the reports in this section suggests that may not be such a bad thing. The company seems to have a higher percentage of glitches than most and it doesn't exactly knock itself out making the customer whole.

Pretty strong words. However, the above organization is funded by lawyers and is based on consumer opinions on an internet forum and therefore, should be taken with a grain of salt. We shall examine in news and analysis section, how very independent and trusted objective test labs and consumer agencies really think of Mitsubishi Motors' cars. It should be noted that the same website said that ... Toyota has one of the highest customer satisfaction records around....

A few links to Mitsubishi Motors' database of over 5000 complaints, 250 recalls, and other investigations and bulletins follow:

Mitsubishi Cars Problems

Consumer Opinions aside, Mitsubishi Motors made waves back home in Japan when its head office was raided by Japanese police to locate consumer complaints it had been hiding for years. Police found about 64,000 of them! Mitsubishi Motors seems to be a really unique company in that regard.

A few articles on how Mitsubishi really treats its customers.

Mitsubishi News and Analysis

News and Analysis. Besides providing with the archives of media's coverage of Mitsubishi group, this site is currently striving to get a selected group of experts on Mitsubishi and its issues. Plan is to have a few regular contributors and a few special invitees on occasions. Others are also welcome to submit their well-researched writings, however, it will be more fruitful for you to discuss that matter with me before starting to write. ALerting me to any Mitsubishi-related new developments will be appreciated.

Mitsubishi! site is going to cover Mitsubishi group of companies exclusively. Scope of coverage will be limited to its slave labor, employment sex, age, race and disability discrimination and harassment, consumer complaints and fraud, environmental damage including rainforests, deforestation, nuclear plants, biotechnology issue. Goal is to become an information portal on Mitsubishi for consumers, workers, businesses, activists, and even regulators.


A few articles on MItsubishi Motors' Environmental Record.

Sex/Gender/Race/Age Discrimination and Harassment

Mitsubishi again made history when it was the target of largest sexual harassment case in the USA. Details are not suitable for a family website like this but you can well imagine. How did Mitsubishi's management react to this. They were defiant. No wonder, National Organization for Women awarded it very rare Merchant of Shame. Racial discrimination and harassment suitsare still being filed against the company sometimes by the same people it was supposed to have settled the differences! Wow Mitsubishi!

A few articles on gender and race discrimination