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Overview of Mitsubishi Electric's Performance

Consolidated Total Sales for FY2001 were 3650 billion yen; in FY2003 it was forecasted to be 3250 billion yen, a drop of 11 percent. Its major component with sales figure in billion yens rounded to nearest 5 for FY2001, FY2002, FY2003 (estimated) within parentheses are: Energy & Electric (920, 860, 810); Industrial Automation Systems (600, 640, 630); Information & Communication Systems (765, 685, 690); Electronic Devices (470, 460, 140); Home Appliances (725, 790, 800); and Others(570, 565, 490).

Mitsubishi Electric as a Top Defense Contractor

Japan with its "peace agenda" has a defense budget of 45 billion dollars current fiscal year (2004-2005), ranking fourth in monetary terms behind the USA, Russia and China. Mitsubishi group companies - MHI and Mitsubishi Electric - rank number 1 and 3 in terms of their military revenues. Mitsubishi Electric derives its revenue from the sale of missiles, targeting systems, radar sets, and electronic warfare equipment. Details on Mitsubishi Electric's Defense Products and Revenues.

Mitsubishi Television - Exploding?

Mitsubishi Electric, through its Mitsubishi Electronics and other subsidiary sells TV among other products. Not long time ago, one of its televisions exploded killing a pet dog. It became a scandal in Japan. Later it admitted to hiding many more incidents involving explosion.

Employment Discrimination

Age discrimination, gender bias, racial discrimination and harassment and not willing to hire disabled employees seem to be some of its standard workplace practices.

Mitsubishi Electric and Environment

A "haiku attack" was coordinated in Osaka to bring public attention to Mitsubishi's major role in world deforestation, and its dubious business connections with Burma's military dictatorship. Kyoto Journal.(1996)

Business Ethics

IBM-Hitachi The Software Cnnection? - Copyright Law - In October 1983 Mitsubishi Electric pleaded no contest to charges of conspiracy to transport stolen material. The company announced "We didn't surrender and are rather feeling we've won." (April 1984)