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are some of the Mitsubishi televisions.

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IBM-Hitachi The Software Cnnection? - Copyright Law
In October 1983 Mitsubishi Electric pleaded no contest to charges of conspiracy to transport stolen material. The company announced "We didn't surrender and are rather feeling we've won." (April 1984)

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Dog killer. That's what one of Mitsubishi Electric's TVs alleged did when it exploded. Of course, the company denied that its televisions can explode; later it admitted that it knew of at 10 incidents involving its TVs that caught fire.

Article(s) on how Mitsubishi really treats its customers.

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News and Analysis. Besides providing with the archives of media's coverage of Mitsubishi group, this site is currently striving to get a selected group of experts on Mitsubishi and its issues. Plan is to have a few regular contributors and a few special invitees on occasions. Others are also welcome to submit their well-researched writings, however, it will be more fruitful for you to discuss that matter with me before starting to write. ALerting me to any Mitsubishi-related new developments will be appreciated.

Mitsubishi! site is going to cover Mitsubishi group of companies exclusively. Scope of coverage will be limited to its slave labor, employment sex, age, race and disability discrimination and harassment, consumer complaints and fraud, environmental damage including rainforests, deforestation, nuclear plants, biotechnology issue. Goal is to become an information portal on Mitsubishi for consumers, workers, businesses, activists, and even regulators.


Mitsubishi Electric's Environmental Record.

Racism/Age Discrimination and Harassment

While Mitsubishi Motors was hit with the biggest employment-related sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit in America, a few years earlier Mitsubishi Electric was sued by an Indian employee for job race discrimination in Japan in a rare lawsuit in Japan. While the public version was the usual discrimination case, it seems that the real situation was quite interesting, to say the least. Moreover, Mitsubishi Electric seems to have adopted the disability rights theme in its USA operations, one should ask them how many disabled workers are in their Japanese operations.

A few articles on race and age discrimination