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Mitsubishi! Mission

While a few stories about Mitsubishi group of companies have had wide publicity, most of their egregious acts go virtually unreported. The reasons are manifold - traditional media has few incentive to report Mitsubishi's violations; activists tend to concentrate on a few high-profile cases to fight effectively against such a gaint; high-powered activists groups fight cases based on their perceived level of importance that might be selective because of group leaders' personal experiences; language and cultural differences.

Even the internet does not seem that effective to most except a few dilegent ones. Most searches return lots of sites and the information one is seeking could be buried deep in those search results and would not be found. Some sites die and so does the information on them. Much of the information, especially in the poorer countries, is not even on the web. On top of that one might reach an informational site in an seemingly undecipherable language.

Mitsubishi!'s Goals

Goal is to present a comprehensive view of ethical and legal violations of Mitsubishi group of companies. No story will be allowed to dominate. More weight will be placed on stories related to Mitsubishi's Japanese and third world operations.

Mitsubishi!'s Phases

First, I will look at English-language published material on Mitsubishi and then sort and select representative articles to republish here. Second, through my experience working for Mitsubishi in Japan and fighting them in court for discrimination and through other contacts, I have information that are quite web-unique and I will publish them all gradually after translating into Japanese. I will decide on rest later.

Mitsubishi! Mission

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