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Mitsubishi hit with another racism suit
Andy Kravetz of the Journal Star writes that three people who were part of a large racial discrimination lawsuit against Mitsubishi Motors are suing their employer again for racism. (August 2003)

Ex-Mitsubishi Motor managers file bias suits in U.S.
Five former managers at Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing allege that during a 1999 downsizing out of 111 non-union employees fired, 87 were over age 40 and those taking over their jobs were younger and less skilled. (August 2001)

Six Koreans sue Mitsubishi of Japan over forced labor during World War II
A "gathering of Mitsubishi draftees suffering from atomic bomb-related illnesses" sues Mitsubishi for exposing them to life-threatening conditions while Japanese workers were provided with shelter and emergency rations after the atomic atoms were dropped. (May 2000)

Culture Clash Leads to Age Discrimination Claim Against Mitsubishi Electronics
Mitsubishi Electronics senior manager made a statement "about getting rid of managers who were over 40 and replacing them with younger, more aggressive managers." (Fall 1997)

Rainbow Trade and Labor Mission To Japan and Indonesia
Rev. Jesse L Jackson of the Rainbow/PUSH Action Network urges Japanese corporations to set goals, target and timetables to integrate their mangement teams and settle sex harassment and racial discrimination suits. (August 1996)

A Case of Racial Discrimination?
Robert Guest interviews Kamal Sinha and his lawyer Satoshi Murata regarding his discrimination lawsuit against Mitsubishi Electric, Japan. (November 1992)