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Mitsubishi Materials - 2002 ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT
A safety provision violation at Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel was reported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. (November 2002)

Mitsubishi Chemical vs Malaysians - A Lesson from Asian Rare Earth Case
Japanese attorney Toshiro Ueyanagi discusses how Asian Rare Earth (ARE), which handled radioactive substances improperly and damaged [local Malaysian] residents' health and properties, closed down even though it prevailed in the Malaysian Supreme Court. Ueyanagi attributes this success to cooperation between Japanese and Malaysian attorneys. (July 2001)

Baja's Whales vs. Mitsubishi
Argues that ESSA/Mitsubishi's proposed industrial salt factory at Laguna San Ignacio, a gray whale sanctuary, does not augur well for its environmental health, given the nature of saltworks' operations and Mitsubishi/ESSA's record of environmental negligence at Guerrero Negro. (Summer 1998)

Mitsubishi vs. Reality
Mark Spalding of CorpWatch responds to Mitsubishi's 'form letter' regarding its proposed industrial salt works next to Laguna San Ignacio, in Baja California, and states that it will disturb and degrade a unique and irreplaceable natural area and pose risks of direct and indirect harm to the whales, numerous other species, and related natural systems. (March 1998)

Landmark Settlement Reached in Long-Running Environmental Boycott of Two Mitsubishi Companies
Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Electric and Rainforest Action Network Announce Unprecedented Joint "Eco-Agreement" but consumer boycott continues against other Mitsubishi companies including Union Bank of California. (February 1998)

Activist Sued by Mitsubishi Subsidiary
SLAPP lawsuit against John McInnis, a Canadian environmentalist, who questioned forest and pulp activities of Al-Pac. (June 1996)

Defending the Forests: The Mitsubishi Boycott Campaign
Rainforest Action Network elaborates on its claim that Mitsubishi Corporation "has an unparalleled legacy of illegal, unethical, and unsustainable logging" and has guidelines for protecting the world's forests. (1996)

Boycott Campaigns Support Human Rights in Burma
A "haiku attack" was coordinated in Osaka to bring public attention to Mitsubishi's major role in world deforestation, and its dubious business connections with Burma's military dictatorship. Kyoto Journal.(1996)

Mitsubishi: Forest destruction is a family affair
Rainforest Action Network “Save the Rainforest -- Boycott Mitsubishi” campaign gives examples to back its claim that Mitsubishi may well be the greatest corporate threat to the world's tropical, temperate and boreal forests. (1994)