Age Discrimination Employment Act

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[Section 16 of the ADEA (not reproduced in the U.S. Code)] This Act shall become effective one hundred and eighty days after enactment, except (a) that the Secretary of Labor may extend the delay in effective date of any provision of this Act up to an additional ninety days thereafter if he finds that such time is necessary in permitting adjustments to the provisions hereof, and (b) that on or after the date of enactment the Secretary of Labor [EEOC] is authorized to issue such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out its provisions.]

Editor's Note
Statement of finding and purpose
Education and research program
Prohibition of age discrimination
Study by secretary of labor
Recordkeeping, Investigation, and enforcement
Notice to be posted
Rules and regulations
Criminal penalties
Age limitations
Annual report
Federal-state relationship
Nondiscrimination on account of age in federal government employment
Effective date