Age Discrimination Employment Act

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SEC. 622. [Section 3]

(a) The Secretary of Labor [EEOC] shall undertake studies and
provide information to labor unions, management, and the general public
concerning the needs and abilities of older workers, and their potentials
for continued employment and contrib ution to the economy. In order to
achieve the purposes of this chapter, the Secretary of Labor [EEOC]
shall carry on a continuing program of education and information,
under which he may, among other measures-

     (1) undertake research, and promote research, with a view to
reducing barriers to the employment of older persons, and the promotion of
measures for utilizing their skills; 

     (2) publish and otherwise make available to employers, professional
societies, the various media of communication, and other interested
persons the findings of studies and other materials for the promotion of

     (3) foster through the public employment service system and through
cooperative effort the development of facilities of public and private
agencies for expanding the opportunities and potentials of older persons; 

     (4) sponsor and assist State and community informational and
educational programs. 

(b) Not later than six months after the effective date of this chapter,
the Secretary shall recommend to the Congress any measures he may deem
desirable to change the lower or upper age limits set forth in section 631
of this title [section 12].

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