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Japanese Government Sues Mitsubishi
During a training exercise a rotor suddenly broke away from a military search and rescue helicopter. An agency investigation concluded that the accident was caused by substandard metal parts. (February 2001)

A Cover-Up at Mitsubishi?
Irene M. Kunii (Businessweek) writes as customer complaints rise, police probe the carmaker. (October 2000)

Targeting Japan Inc.
Tim Larimer reports that amid a series of product scandals like the exploding Mitsubishi TV sets, the nation's consumers are using new product-liability laws to fight at last for their rights. (September 2000)

Can Japanese Consumers Stand Up and Fight
Irene M. Kunii of Businessweek reports on corporate misconduct in Japan including the Mitsubishi Motors scandal where the company confessed that over the past 30 years, it had failed to pass on to regulators--as required-- thousands of complaints, after getting caught by the authorities. (September 2000)

Police raid Mitsubishi headquarters
BBC reports that the cache of alleged 64,000 complaints was found hidden in a company locker room by government inspectors. Car makers in Japan are required to report consumer complaints to the Transport Ministry and must issue recalls if serious defects are found. (August 2000)

Miller Park is just one of Mitsubishi's problems
Kenneth R. Lamke of the Journal Sentinel reports that Mitsubishi Heavy has had trouble worldwide since joining the Milwaukee Brewers ballpark stadium project and and the Milwaukee situation is just one symptom of an ailing company. (October 1999)

Minor Stories

Tokio Fire & Marine Insurance sued for bad faith
Was sued for penalties arising from Tokio's admitted failure to disclose the liability limits of its insured. (It won though.) (February 2002)