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Mitsubishi Recalls in Japan

"Whenever something goes wrong with their cars, customers suspect a defect cover-up. I feel like I'm sitting on a bed of thorns." - A Mitsubishi Motors dealer's representative [Asahi]

" One of the problems is not necessarily their PR but the corporate culture of these companies. I think some do not tell the truth from the very beginning. Even if the PR section knows, they are not allowed to tell. These problems keep growing until the police come into the picture. Then suddenly they want their agencies or in-house PR sections to go ahead with counteractive PR measures." - Sakae Ohashi, President and CEO, Kyodo Public Relations, in a Japan Today interview commenting on corporations in general.

"It is simply too horrible that for years and years reported defects were shrugged off and squelched. The problem has highlighted the worst in corporate governance at Japan's top companies. International credibility has been lost not only at Mitsubishi but at all Japanese companies." - Takashi Nomura, professor of public policy at Tokushima Bunri University.

June 14, 2004. Daily Yomiuri reported that the company will be recalling 450,000 trucks and buses for 39 defects it failed to acknowledge in 2000. It is waiting for the availablity of replacement parts. This makes it 155 revealed defects for models between 1992 and March of 2004. The flaws are in fuel tanks, oil leaks from gearboxes and leaks of exhaust gas due to defects in exhaust pipes. Four accidents were caused by these defects resulting in injuries such as broken bones or whiplash. 8 vehicle fires were caused in which 13 vehicles were totally destroyed. In 56 cases smoke came up.

June 14, 2004. According to Mainichi Shimbun, Mitsubishi Fuso today announced that it covered up 62 more defects in past. This adds up to 159 cover ups of its vehicles since 1989. The company's board, including President Wilfried Porth, have decided to take major salary cuts in reaction to this, up to 50%, with the funds going to the Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accidents.

Month and year issued, Mitsubishi models affected, and a brief text concerning defect/recall follows for each.:

March 2005 Recalls

Aero Star bus, Super Great truck models of Mitsubishi Fuso recalled for seven types of defects inclusding steering system.

About 9,800 trucks and buses manufactured between 1982 and 2002 recalled.

July 2004 Recalls

Mitsubishi Fuso admits that its newer wheel hubs (1994-1995) too are defective reversing its earlier position. July 2004.

About 2,600 vehicles manufactured between 1994-1995 to be recalled for faulty wheel hubs. Involves new hub type assured earlier by Fuso to be safe and defect-free.

18 models including Libero cars, Lancer cars, Delica vans to be recalled for defective engine parts. July 2004.

About 54,000 vehicles to be recalled.

Libero Wagons to be recalled by Mitsubishi Motors for defective tailgate causing accidents. July 2004.

About 49,000 vehicles to be recalled. Number of injured stands at 16.

June 2004 Recall Scandals

Pajero sport-utility vehicles, Toppo minicars and other models for brakes problems, defective fuel tanks etc. June 2004.

Part of plan to recall 156,474 units of 19 vehicle models to repair 26 faults by the end of July.

Fuso Truck and Bus recall for fuel tanks, oil leaks from gearboxes and leaks of exhaust gas due to defects in exhaust pipes.. June 2004.

450,000 recalled. It failed to acknowledge these defects in 2000.

Aero Queen and Aero Bus for brake problems. Planning to recall. June 2004.

No details available now.

Minica, Toppo BJ, Town Box and Minicab for wheel defects. Planning to recall. June 2004.

No details available now.

93 more defects involving parking brakes, drive shafts, fuel track. Planning to recall. June 2004.

Planning to recall.

Toppo BJ, Minica, eK-Sport, eK-Wagon, eK-Classy re-recall of recall in April 2004 - defective screw nuts. June 2004.

Re-recall of abut 1000 minivehicles.

Pajero io, Carisma + other models - June 2004

Just an ordinary recall for defective rear-wheel shaft, bumpers and signal indicators.

1992-1997 Gallant, Lancer, Pajero, Mirage, Sigma ... for air bags, engine oil system, suspension, brake hose, coolers, .... June 2004

MMC knew about these too for a long time.

May 2004 Recall Scandals

Fuso's defective clutch box recall. May 2004.

Clutch problem can cause loss of control. Killed one person in 2002. May 2004.

Mitsubishi Fuso and Bus's Canter Guts trucks involved in faulty brakes recall in Japan. May 2004.

When the engine is not warmed up enough, the 1.5 ton Canter Guts trucks could start rolling even if the brake pedal is pressed down

April 2003 Recall Scandals

Mitsubishi Fuso and Bus's large trucks and buses recalled in April 2004

Rear-wheel hubs are thinner than usual and could rupture.

Mitsubishi Toppo BJ, Minica, eK-Sport, eK-Wagon and eK-Classy Cars recalled in April 2004

Recent models - wheels falling off here too.

March 2003 Recall Scandal

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus's TRUCKS recalled - March 2004

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck - Several Years

Wheels were falling off because hubs were breaking off, as the company now seems to admit, partly because of design flaw.

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