too many mitsubishi lemons?

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ABSTRACT: New Jersey Consumer Affairs’ Lemon Law Unit found that a disproportionate number of complaints reaching Lemon Law Units Adminstrative Law Judge involved Mitsubishi Motors, Chrysler and Hyundai. Mitsubishi was an exception to the fewer complaints involving Japanese cars.

Lemon Cases by Car Manufacturers

Mitsubishi fares poorly in lemon cars numbers.

Mitsubishi had 78 lemon complaints, Toyota/Lexus had 75. Seems decent till one realizes that while MItsubishi had 65 thousand vehicles registered, Toyota had over 5 times that number registered. Complaints per registered cars is the proper number for comparison and Mitsubishi was left behind by most except Hyundai and Chrysler. Chrysler, the worst of all known brands (category named Miscellaneous did worse) was 10 times as bad as the best manufacturers. Wonder, if Mitsubishi supplying parts and cars to Chrysler during that period has something to do with such miserable performance. It seems likely to some extent.

REFERENCE: The document is based on New Jersey Lemon Law Report linked from the parent file (Consumer Study link on top).

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