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Coverage: Earlier of 2 years or 18000 miles.

Lemon? : 20 cumulative calendar days out of service OR defects existing after 3 attempts to repair.

Qualification: Write a certified letter with return receipt to the manufacturer giving them one last chance to repair the defect.

NOTE: Above is a layman's abstract of New Jersey lemon and auto warranty law. The original source is Consumer's Guide to the New Jersey Lemon Law. It and the lawyers (lemon law) have more complete information.

Mitsubishi Lemons Among the 'Leaders' in NJ Study

New Jersey's Department of Consumer Affairs published a study of lemon laws and auto warranties in 2000. A brief discussion of that Lemon Law Study covering Mitsubishi Cars is quite interesting. It has link to a nice plot or car registrations per lemon car by manufacturer and can be reached directly from here. Lemons by Manufacturers.

New Jersey's Mitsubishi Lemon Cars

From New Jersey Vehicle Identification Lemons (December 2003):

Incomplete list of Mitsubishi lemons repurchased under New Jersey Lemon Law

Year, model, VIN number

2001 Eclipse - 4A3AC44G71E039048
2000 Diamante - 6MMAP67POYT000652
1999 Galant - 4A3AA46GXXE048922
1999 Galant - 4A3AA46G9XE051729
1999 Galant - 4A3AA46G6XE050957
1999 Galant - 4A3AA46G6XE052451
1999 Galant - 4A3AA46G9XE001901
1998 Eclipse GS - 4A3AK44Y7WE094215
1998 Eclipse Spyder - 4A3AX35G6WE060882
1997 Eclipse - 4A3AK34Y2VE008365
1996 3000GT VR4 - JA3AN74K5TY002700
1996 Galant - 4A3AJ46G0TE269388
1998 Galant - 4A3AX55F5TE337116
1995 Eclipse - 4A3AK54F7SE234357
1995 Montero - JA4MR41H6SJ006699
1995 3000GT - JAEAM84J3SY014567
1995 Galant - 4A3AJ466XSE112725
1995 Galant - 4A3AJ56G8SE031759
1995 Eclipse - 4A3AK44Y3SE001507
1994 Diamante - JA3AP47H1RY023478
1994 Diamante - JA3AP57J2RY001272

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