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Disposal of Auto Lemons

The Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) Foundation tried to determine how auto lemons are disposed of by tracking 498 of them. It received VIN numbers of vehicles determined to be lemons mostly during 1993 to 1995 from 7 of the states offering independent arbitration process for lemon dispute - Florida, Georgia, Hawaii , Massachusetts, Texas, Vermont and Washington. An independent arbitration process is where a) The consumer files for arbitration b) No settlement with the manufacturer and c) A panel of arbitrators determine that the vehicle is a lemon, and award a refund or repurchase.

It found that the manufacturers seemed "to resell lemons to take advantage of differences among various state laws and limitations among jurisdictions." Moreover fewer than 1% of the lemons were branded as such.

In Massachusetts and Georgia, lemons manufactured by Mitsubishi were either retitled in other states or were plsced in "auction." (In the study all together 62 vehicles were not retitled, but instead were designated as being in "auction." Various explanations are provided in the report.) In Hawaiian Islands, Mitsubishi lemon cars were retitled there and were not taken out of the islands.

For the complete story and the original source of this article, please go to Resales of Vehicles (including Mitsubishi) Determined to be Lemons.

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