Mitsubishi Lancer (Evolution EVO) - High Injury Risk

Lancer (Evo) Injury

Note: Lancer (Evolution EVO) is Mitsubishi's relatively new line. Data is available only for one time period. However, 46% higher injure figure than other cars of comparable features, and a grade of "2 Star" for side impact from NCAP of NHTSA, is not very encouraging.

"Injury losses indicate the relative frequencies of injury claims per insured vehicle year filed under Personal Injury Protection coverages in the 17 states and District of Columbia that offer such coverages. Also called no-fault insurance, Personal Injury Protection coverages pay for medical/hospital/other expenses incurred by occupants of insured vehicles, up to specified limits, regardless of fault in the crash." [IIHS, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety]

Class, model, years, class, model's figure, class' number, deviation from the class average number. (Average car is 100.) "For vehicles that have not been fundamentally redesigned, previous model year results are good predictors of the current model's experience. ... The results also are adjusted, or standardized, to reduce possible distortions from one nonvehicle factor -- operator age." [IIHS]

4 Door Small

Mitsubishi Lancer 2000-2002 : 206 (141) : +46%

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