Mitsubishi Injury Claims - Montero, Lancer, Galant, Mirage

Mitsubishi Injury Losses

Note: Lancer is a new model but has shown propensity for high injury claims. Galant and Montero seem to present in other categories too - theft and collison. Mirage too is presented here.

According to data by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a nonprofit research organization funded by auto insurers, Mitsubishi's Mirage, Montero, Montero Sport, and Galant models have history of significantly much higher rate of personal injury (PIP) claims rate compared to similar vehicles. Expect higher insurance rates to reflect insurers' high loss experience. The worst thing is that the trend is up!

For vehicles that were newly introduced or redesigned during these years, the results shown All losses are stated in relative terms, with 100 representing the average injury loss for all cars. For example, a result of 127 is 27 percent worse than average. A result of 95 is 5 percent better than average. The results are adjusted, or standardized, to reduce possible distortions from nonvehicicle factor of operator age (injury).

These results are generally good predictors of the experience of current versions of the same vehicle models. But when automakers substantially redesign their passenger vehicles, the experience of an earlier model with the same name (but not same design) may not predict the experience of the newer design.


Injury losses indicate the relative frequencies of injury claims per insured vehicle year filed under Personal Injury Protection coverages in the 17 states and District of Columbia that offer such coverages. Also called no-fault insurance, Personal Injury Protection coverages pay for medical/hospital/other expenses incurred by occupants of insured vehicles, up to specified limits, regardless of fault in the crash.

Mitsubishi Galant, Montero Sport, Mirage

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