Mitsubishi Car Collision Loss Experience

Mitsubishi Collision Losses USA

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has the following data on Mitsubishi car owners' insurance experience rating.

From IIHS Site


The results show that insurance losses for vehicle damage vary widely. Vehicle size is strongly related to collision losses, but these losses also vary among vehicles similar in body style and size.

All losses are stated in relative terms, with 100 representing the average injury, collision, or theft loss for all cars. For example, a result of 122 is 22 percent worse than average. A result of 96 is 4 percent better than average. The results also are adjusted, or standardized, to reduce possible distortions from two nonvehicle factors -- operator age and insurance deductible.

These results are generally good predictors of the experience of current versions of the same vehicle models. But when automakers substantially redesign their passenger vehicles, the experience of an earlier model with the same name (but not same design) may not predict the experience of the newer design.


Collision losses indicate the relative average loss payments per insured vehicle year filed under collision coverages. Collision insurance provides reimbursement for the cost of repairing crash damage to insured vehicles, less a specified deductible amount for which the policyholder is responsible.

Relative average loss payments per insured vehicle year refer to the dollar total of collision payments for claims for a group of vehicles divided by the group's exposure (aggregate years the vehicles have been insured).

Galant, Montero, Mirage ....

These usual suspects did badly on collision loss experience of auto insurers. For actual figures please follow the links.

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