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Fuel Economy Products Evaluated by EPA

EPA tested over 100 auto-related products claiming in their ads to help in fuel economy. Many of these ads had customer testimonials too. It is a multi-billion dollar business. What did EPA find out?

It found that many of them had the potential of messing up the car's exhaust emission control diagonostics. Moreover, EPA didn't conduct any durability tests and couldn't tell much about that.

About 95% of the 100+ gas saving products tested were found to be completely ineffective, i.e., use of those products didn't result in any fuel savings. Use of 4 products, from the categories of Air Bleed Devices, Liquid Injection, and Internal Engine Modification, resulted in very small increase in fuel efficiency but at higher exhaust emissions. Installation of these 4 products, EPA informs us, could be considered as illegal tampering according to Federal regulations.

Remaining 5 products did improve fuel economy by very small amounts without increasing the exhaust emissions. It is mostly because thse devices don't deal with such sensitive components are are rather accessories like Driving Habit Modifiers telling driving when to shift gears gears or reduce acceleration, spoilers, and Airconditioner Power Reducer. Since potential savings are very small, consumer is well-advised to look at the price of these to make a purchasing decision.

Popular Fuel Economy Products that Don't perform

Very small fuel economy gain at the cost of higher exhaust emission - "illegal tempering?"

Very small gain in fuel economy and no increase in exhaust emission BUT is the price right?

Last Update: April 25, 2004.