Mitsubishi Car Crash/Impact Results

Mitsubishi Cars Crash

New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationin (NHTSA) the United States provides consumers with important comprehensive information, including frontal- and side- crash test results, to aid them in their vehicle purchase decisions. It has tested Mitsubishi autos - cars and SUVs too!

Mitsubishi on IIHS's Rear Crash/Impact Safety Crash Tests

Mitsubishi on NCAP's Front Crash/Impact Safety Tests

Mitsubishi on NCAP's Side Crash/Impact Safety Tests

Mitsubishi on NCAP's Rollover Crash/Impact Safety Crash Tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a nonprofit funded by auto insurers conducts its own research on auto safety. Some of its results (theft, collision, injury claims experience) are covered under USA Insurance Experience but some of its other results - side impact, bumper, and head restraints results of HLDI are covered here.

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A Mitsubishi - Eclipse of Ethics presentation.