Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Guppy : Frontal Collision Test

Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Guppy

NASVA's collision test results of Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Guppy show dangerously low level of passenger protection performance in case of full-wrap and offset frontal collision test related to driver's seat passenger. Passenger side too is dangerous in case of full frontal collision. Details follow.

Toppo BJ Guppy Details

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Class: Mini-sized Cars

Type: 5 Door Sedan

Available: From November 2000

Offset Frontal Collision Test

The test vehicle is made to collide head-on on the driver's side (at an offset of 40%) with an aluminum honeycomb. In this test there is a significant degree of deformation to the body of the vehicle, which makes it well suited to evaluating injury to passengers from such deformations. The results of this test should be compared to vehicles of similar weights. [From NASVA's website]

Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Guppy result

Driver Side protection in case of offset front collision was rated as level 1 - NASVA's worst rating, with 5 being the best. Head, neck, check and legs are at significant risk of injury for such low level of safety performance. NASVA commented on great risk of injury to the neck. Passenger's seat performed at level 3 - still far off from level 5 for excellent protection.

Full-wrap Frontal Collision Test

In this test, dummies are placed in both the driver's and front passenger's seats and the vehicle is made to collide with a concrete barrier at a rate of 55km/h (my note: about 35 miles/hour). The dummies are checked for injuries to the head, neck, chest and legs, the vehicle is checked for damage and deformation, and the results are used to evaluate the degree of passenger protection in 5 levels. Actual collisions of this type tend to occur at speeds lower than that of this test, Note that the results of this test do not apply to collisions at extremely high speeds,and other types of collisions such as when passengers are not wearing seatbelts, and collisions in which one of the vehicles is a large truck. Additionally, the results of this test can only be compared in the case of vehicles with similar weights. [From NASVA's site]

Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Guppy result

While offset frontal collision test results looked bad enough, those don't come near to the results of full-wrap collision test. Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Guppy failed both the driver's seat protection - scoring level 2 out of maximum 5, and the passenger seat protection - scoring a stunning level 1 out of maximum 5. NASVA commented about passenger's set's great risk of injury to the head. One of the worst performing vehicles of all-time!

Overall Safety Rating of Toppo

Not surprisingly, driver's seat was rated below 3 (out of possible 6) and the passenger's seat was rated just 3 (out of possible 6). Both these ratings of Mitsubishi Toppo BJ Guppy are unsatisfactory in my view when it comes to safety.

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