Mitsubishi Car Crash/Impact Results

Mitsubishi Cars Crash

National Organization for Automotive Safety and Victims' Aid (NASVA) tests new vehicles in Japan. It's New Car Accessment Program (NCAP) - similar to ones in the USA (NHTSA and IIHS) - conducts full-wrap frontal, Offset frontal, and side collision tests.

The following Mitsubishi vehicles have been found not-so-good in crash worthiness:

eK Wagon M
About 1.5 (5 being the best) rating on the offset frontal collision test for the driver's seat. Drive at your risk.

Toppo BJ Guppy
Seems to be among the worst, if not the worst. Severe injury to the driver (and passenger) are highly likely in case of any accident similar to ones tested by NASVA.

Dion Excced
Driver seems to get the short end of offset frontal collisions - severe injury to head, neck, chest and legs quite likely.

Lancer Cedia Wagon
While not as bad as some of the other models, still not acceptable from safety point of view.

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