Mitsubishi Car Euro Crash/Impact Results

Mitsubishi Lancer GLX

1997 Lancer GLX fares poorly - 'fails' the Euro NCAP impact test - "the car provided only poor protection for the driver's chest in the side-impact test. It failed to meet legislation that will apply to new models from October. Also, the car's structure became unstable in the frontal impact and the floor pan ruptured. Its protection for pedestrians rated a little above average, however." [Euro NCAP]

Euro NCAP Impact Tests

Note: Brief descriptions here, fuller ones are on the parent Europe directory.

Front Impact Test: Frontal impact takes place at 64kph (40mph), car strikes deformable barrier that is offset. Assess protection given to front occupants. Side Impact Test: Impact takes place at 50kph (30mph). Trolley fitted with a deformable front is towed into the driver's side of the car to simulate a side-on crash. Safety rating for front occupants. Pedestrian Impact test: A series of tests are carried out to replicate accidents involving child and adult pedestrians where impacts occur at 40kph (25mph). Pole: The car tested is propelled sideways at 29kph(18mph) into a rigid pole. The pole is relatively narrow, so there is major penetration into the side of the car.

Lancer GLX's Performance

Vehicle tested: Mitsubishi Lancer GLX

Year: 1997

Class: Small Family Car

Mitsubishi Lancer scored a very poor (failing) 1.5 out of maximum 5 rating in front and side impact tests combined. Pedestrian impact test rating was 2 out of 4 - just passing.

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