Mitsubishi Car Euro Crash/Impact Results

Mitsubishi Cars Impact

Euro NCAP tests new vehicles in Europe. It's New Car Accessment Program (NCAP) - similar to ones in the USA (NHTSA and IIHS) - conducts offset frontal, side, pedestrian and pole impact collision tests.

Euro NCAP Impact Tests

From euroncap's website.


Frontal impact takes place at 64kph (40mph), car strikes deformable barrier that is offset. Frontal impact test is based on that developed by European Enhanced Vehicle Safety Committee as basis for legislation, but impact speed has been increased by 5mph. Readings taken from dummies are used to assess protection given to front occupants.


Impact takes place at 50kph (30mph). Trolley fitted with a deformable front is towed into the driver's side of the car to simulate a side-on crash. Readings taken from dummies are used to assess protection given to front occupant.


A series of tests are carried out to replicate accidents involving child and adult pedestrians where impacts occur at 40kph (25mph). Impact sites are then assessed and rated fair, weak and poor. As with other tests, these are based on European Enhanced Vehicle Safety Committee guidelines.


In Germany over half of serious injuries occur when a car hits a pole or a tree. In the new test, the car tested is propelled sideways at 29kph(18mph) into a rigid pole. The pole is relatively narrow, so there is major penetration into the side of the car.

In an impact without the head protecting airbag, a driver's head could hit the pole with sufficient force to cause a fatal head injury. Typically a head injury criterion of 5000 is possible, five times that which indicates the likelihood of serious brain injury. In contrast, the head injury criterion in these new crash tests with a head protection airbag is around 100 to 300, well below the injury reference value. A side impact airbag with head protection makes this kind of crash survivable despite the severity.

Mitsubishi's Performance

The following Mitsubishi vehicles have been found not-so-good in crash worthiness:

3/5 on front and side! Go for safer cars.

Lancer GLX
Highly unacceptable 1.5 out of 5 on offset front and side impact tests. Competition is mostly 4 and a few 5s.

Pajero Pinin
Failed the pedestrian test.

Space Star
Why settle for 3 when 4 or 5 are available?

Space Wagon
3/5 on front and side impact while many others are 4 or 5.

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