Mitsubishi Car Australia Crash/Impact Results

Mitsubishi Cars Impact

Australian ANCAP (stored on New Zealand site) tests new vehicles in Australia. It's New Car Accessment Program (NCAP) - almost exactly similar to ones in Europe (Euro NCAP) - conducts offset frontal, side, and pedestrian impact tests. Does not perform the pole test.

ANCAP Impact Tests

From the above site.

In the offset frontal crash test 40% of the front of the vehicle (on the driver's side) strikes a fixed barrier at 64 km/h (40 mph). The front of the barrier has a deformable aluminium face so the test simulates crashing into another vehicle.

In the side impact test a 950 kg trolley strikes the driver's side of the test vehicle at 50km/h. The trolley also has a deformable aluminium face to simulate the front of another vehicle.

Pedestrian tests replicate crashes involving child and adult pedestrians where impacts occur at 40 kph. Impact sites are assessed and rated out of a possible 4 stars. Dummies are used in the tests to measure the degree of injury that would be inflicted on front seat occupants wearing safety belts in these crashes.

Mitsubishi's Performance

The following Mitsubishi vehicles have been tested under ANCAP program and they all fall under just acceptable to marginal categories.

Protection from serious chest and leg injury was marginal for the driver in the offset front impact test. Protection from serious chest injury was poor for the driver in case of side impact.

The driver's head and chest hit the steering wheel... The driver's knees hit the steering column and lower dash. The passenger's knees hit the glove box and dash.

Pedestrian: 1/4.Very poor.

The driver's head hit the steering wheel with a very severe impact...

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