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0000 Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI 00 - Wheels
Complaint: all four wheels on the vehicle were corroded with rust. nlm .

1988 Mitsubishi CORDIA 88 - Wheels
Complaint: the right rear wheel bearings failed, causing damage to the wheel hub and the spindle/trailing arm assembly. .

2001 Mitsubishi SPYDER 01 - Wheel Rim
Complaint: 2001 mitsubishi spyder rims. i am having to replace the second rim within 6 months because of dents in the rim. the dents are not caused by hitting anything. it is under normal driving conditions.

2001 Mitsubishi SPYDER 01 - Wheel Rim
Complaint: front passenger side rim dented easily. as a result, consumer was forced to replace the part because of a concern for a possible tire blowout. *ak .

2001 Mitsubishi SPYDER 01 - Wheel Rim
Complaint: while driving, the consumer heard a noise coming from the passenger side tire. the consumer pulled over to the shoulder and noticed that the passenger side rear rim had sheared off. this caused the

2001 Mitsubishi SPYDER 01 - Wheel Rim
Complaint: the rims on vehicle were damaged, consumer noticed that the front passenger side had three different areas that were bent and separating from the tire, they looked as if the were folding in from press

2001 Mitsubishi SPYDER 01 - Wheels Multi Piece
Complaint: 17" rims on my 2001 mitsubishi spyder are bent for no apparent reason. this has been the case for over 18 months. i asked the mitsubishi dealers in my area and they said i must have hit something to c

2002 Mitsubishi SPYDER 02 - Wheel Cap Cover Hub
Complaint: boot cover for the convertible comes off while driving. dealer notified. *ak .

Based on component classification data of National Highway Traffic and Safety Adminstration (NHTSA).

Last Update: August 28, 2004