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2002 Mitsubishi LANCER 02 - Front Suspension Control Arm
Complaint: lower control arm on front passenger side of vehicle buckled under resulting in loss of steering control and the vehicle striking a curb at ~55 mph. dealership refuses to fix under warranty citing th

2002 Mitsubishi LANCER 02 - Front Suspension Lower Arm
Complaint: while driving 25 mph driver's side control arm popped off the wheel . however, driver was able to maintain control of the vehicle. consumer had vehicle towed to the dealer for analysis, and mechani

2002 Mitsubishi LANCER 02 - Rear Suspension
Complaint: i am having problems with the rear suspension of my 2002 mitsubishi lancer. service tells me that they have received a bulletin from mitsubishi regarding an issue with the control arm bushings. appare

2002 Mitsubishi LANCER 02 - Rear Suspension
Complaint: having a problem with rear suspension. the entire back end sounds as if the frame is broken. was assured by mitsu service that it is not a safety issue. i was told it needed bearings and bushings and

2002 Mitsubishi LANCER 02 - Rear Suspension
Complaint: mitsubishi lancer es 2002, vehicle has been making an annoying squeeking sound coming from the rear ot the car. three attempts have been made by the dealer to correct problem, to no avail. it seems th

2002 Mitsubishi LANCER 02 - Suspension
Complaint: the brakes wore out prematurely. the part was replaced three times, but the problem continued exists. *ak the vehicle left black oil spots on the garage ground near all four tires the consumer

2003 Mitsubishi LANCER 03 - ASC Stability Suspension
Complaint: while driving steering wheel became loose, and vehicle wobbled from four to six inches to either side. this happened three times since owning vehicle. dealer and the manufacturer have been informe

2003 Mitsubishi LANCER 03 - Suspension
Complaint: while driving at 60 mph vehicle pulled to the right. vehicle was taken to the dealer, who inspected vehicle several times, but could not reproduce or correct the problem. *ak .

Based on component classification data of National Highway Traffic and Safety Adminstration (NHTSA).

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