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0000 Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI 00 - Other
Complaint: owner believes his vehicle should be involved in recall number 98v069000. .

1984 Mitsubishi TREDIA 84 - Carburetor
Complaint: egr valve failed. *dh .

1985 Mitsubishi SP 85 - Other
Complaint: for while the engine check light had been coming on and off at dashboard, and consumer too vehicle for service. they told her that vehicle was fine, but currently engine broke down. *ak .

1986 Mitsubishi STARION 86 - Fuel Injector
Complaint: strong smell of gas in passenger compartment from fuel injectors. *dsh .

1987 Mitsubishi VAN/WAGON 87 - Seats
Complaint: rear screws of drivers seast have sheared off. front seats are also located right on top of the wheel base. .

1988 Mitsubishi VAN/WAGON 88 - Gas Fuel System
Complaint: gas leak resulted in accident/fire. tt .

1989 Mitsubishi PICKUP 89 - Carburetor
Complaint: when depressing gas pedal vehicle decelerated. also, dealer stated that carburetor failed. *ak vehicle fails when accelerator pedal is pressed also fails when going up hill with cruise control,

1990 Mitsubishi TRUCK 90 - Seats
Complaint: driver of garbage truck complains that these crane carrier trucks need air seats. .

Based on component classification data of National Highway Traffic and Safety Adminstration (NHTSA).

Last Update: August 28, 2004