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0000 Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI 00 - Engine
Complaint: front rocker arms failed. .

1984 Mitsubishi TREDIA 84 - EGR Valve
Complaint: egr valve failed. *dh .

1985 Mitsubishi SP 85 - Gas Engine
Complaint: for while the engine check light had been coming on and off at dashboard, and consumer too vehicle for service. they told her that vehicle was fine, but currently engine broke down. *ak .

1986 Mitsubishi TREDIA 86 - Engine exhaust
Complaint: vehicle has failed emission system, recall on components however consumer has not received recall notices. .

1987 Mitsubishi CORDIA 87 - Engine
Complaint: while driving at highway speeds, the timing belt broke, causing the vehicle to stall. *ak .

1988 Mitsubishi STARION 88 - Engine
Complaint: defective aftermarket oil filter, which cause damage to engine, manufactured by ac delco filter part no. tf57. tt .

1988 Mitsubishi WAGON 88 - Gas Engine
Complaint: engine/transmission failed. .

1989 Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI 89 - Engine
Complaint: while departing yakima, wa in the afternoon, i heard a loud "boom" and the sound of metal hitting the pavement. i was on a main highway. instantly, i lost power steering and had to put both hands on

1990 Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI 90 - Engine
Complaint: timing belt failed. .

1990 Mitsubishi SIGMA 90 - Engine
Complaint: timing belt. serpentine belt. seat belts. .

1990 Mitsubishi VAN/WAGON 90 - Engine Cooling
Complaint: consumer was driving the water cooling was in an open position so the engine got hot and melted. tt .

1997 Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI 97 - Gas Engine
Complaint: multiple oil leaks /i check three different vehicles nad they were all leaking oil at the same places/between transmission/and the motor. *ak .

1998 Mitsubishi SPYDER 98 - Gas Engine
Complaint: vehicle will stall and cut off without prior warning. window locks shut down, and wiring was replaced by dealership. replacemrnt was costly. dealership mechanic told consumer that electrical

2000 Mitsubishi FH 211 00 - Engine exhaust
Complaint: rattling sound in the exhaust. yh .

Based on component classification data of National Highway Traffic and Safety Adminstration (NHTSA).

Last Update: August 28, 2004