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1996 Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI 96 - Roof Pillar
Complaint: convertable top leaks at the joints when driving in rain. .

1996 Mitsubishi SPYDER 96 - Roof Pillar
Complaint: my convertible top the side braces where the top folds back bend. *ak .

1996 Mitsubishi SPYDER 96 - Roof Pillar
Complaint: convertible top frame warped not allowing the top to fully open without locking up. first incident was within one month of purchase and dealer adviced, in writing, to bring vehicle in due to defect pr

1998 Mitsubishi SPYDER 98 - Roof Pillar
Complaint: metal bars have bent and convertible top will not go down. dealer has been contacted. please provide any further information.*ak .

1998 Mitsubishi SPYDER 98 - Roof Pillar
Complaint: vehicle will stall and cut off without prior warning. window locks shut down, and wiring was replaced by dealership. replacemrnt was costly. dealership mechanic told consumer that electrical

2000 Mitsubishi FH 211 00 - Frame
Complaint: rattling sound in the exhaust. yh .

2001 Mitsubishi SPYDER 01 - Body
Complaint: water was leaking into vehicle under passenger's seat. dealer determined that firewall had not been sealed properly. vehicle was repaired, but at this time water was again leaking into vehicle.*ak

2001 Mitsubishi SPYDER 01 - Roof Pillar
Complaint: rear defroster on convertible top is not working. vehicle has been taken to dealer 5 times, convertible top was replaced; but, problem still exists.*ak .

2003 Mitsubishi SPYDER 03 - Body
Complaint: the paint on my new vehicle began peeling off the hood in quarter-sized chunks as i was washing it by hand. although the dealer initially attempted to deny responsibility, they reluctantly agreed to r

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