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2004 Mitsubishi ENDEAVOR 04 - Body
Complaint: while driving with the windows rolled down at 40 mph the wind causes discomfort to ears and head. *mr the right rear window created a loud thump and or vibrating noise. *scc *jb .

2004 Mitsubishi ENDEAVOR 04 - Body
Complaint: ltr fm james g. shciller (ny) re an investigation of his 2004 mitsubishi endeavor. opening the rear right window created a loud thumping/vibrating noise when driving above 40 mph. respond directly t

2004 Mitsubishi ENDEAVOR 04 - Body Frame
Complaint: 2004 mitsubishi endeavor - manufacturer used plastic covers on the underside of the car to protect engine. i believe it is a poor design, that has broken on my car, and with any type of road debris w

Based on component classification data of National Highway Traffic and Safety Adminstration (NHTSA).

Last Update: August 28, 2004