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2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Door Latch
ODI No: 10006440 - driver side door will not unlock. please fill in additional. dealer is aware of the problem. ph .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Power Train
ODI No: 10011195 - the vehicle failed to accelerate, the cause was unknown.*jb .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Steering Link
ODI No: 10013549 - vehicle pulls to the right. the dealer says numerous complaints of this vehicle doing same and the repairs the factory suggested to the dealer are not working. *nlm .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Suspension Upper Control Arm
ODI No: 10015944 - while driving the vehicle suddenly veered to the right which was followed by a loud noise. the dealer has been notified. *nlm .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Engine Electrical Equipment Gas Tank Filler Speed Control Windshield Wiper Washer
ODI No: 10015967 - the consumer made a left turn and the engine had run away. the vehicle was taken to four dealerships and was told they are unable to duplicate. the wipers did not clear the windows or oper

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Engine
ODI No: 10026919 - consumer called complaining about engine problems. stated that vehicle will not have enough power. manufacturer was contacted, and had fixed it a couple of times.*ak .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Steering
ODI No: 10029084 - after repair, the automobile (mitsubishi outlander 2003 xls) continues to veer and drift.*ak .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Steering Suspension
ODI No: 10037336 - steering/suspension outlander xls car pulls and drifts to the right, car has been to auto service 3 times and problem still exist. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Suspension
ODI No: 10038310 - while driving vehicle pulled to the right. dealer did an alignment, and checked the steering wheel. dealer indicated that this was a normal problem and there was no solution. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Suspension
ODI No: 10038422 - the vehicle veered to the right when driving. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for repairs but the vehicle continued to veer to the right. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Interior wiring
ODI No: 10038572 - the consumer received a recall notice#03-v-194-000 from the manufacturer on august 3, 2003 however no parts were available. *jb .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Steering Suspension
ODI No: 10039043 - outland continues to pull very hard to the right. it has been serviced three times and problem still occurs. dealership says there is no problem and the pulling is normal. *jb .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Shift Pattern Indicator
ODI No: 10042431 - while driving automatic transmission stick shift indicator broke, making hard to shift the gear. dealer stated they didn't have the part, and didn't know when they will have it. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Other
ODI No: 10045507 - car was parked with key out of the ignition. car rolled backwards and struck tree. .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Side Air Bag Electrical wiring Brake light Door Latch Seat Belt Retractor
ODI No: 10055561 - consumer cannot unlock the front and rear doors from the inside or outside of the vehicle. water went under floor and corroded the electrical system. this problem was similar to nhtsa re

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Steering Link
ODI No: 10058876 - drifts to right-been back 4 times for this- now last time they say nothing is wrong and it no longer drifts-as i drove out of dealer i let go of wheel and off it goes to the right...again..*

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Rear Suspension Speed Control
ODI No: 10058913 - car bushing had to be replaced with only 6000 miles.. why? dealer couldnt explain. also, twice car has accelerated when coasting on flat road. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Steering
ODI No: 10064077 - vehicle pulls to the right from the day i received it, returned for service several times, still pulls to the right. front tires are worn after 29,000 miles. last visit tires were rotated

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Frontal Air Bag
ODI No: 10066899 - consumer's vehicle stopped at a traffic light and was rear ended by another vehicle, causing consumer's vehicle to rear end another vehicle. upon impact, both front air bags did deploy.

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Steering
ODI No: 10073852 - while making a right turn the steering wheel wandered off on its own. the driver was able to maintain control of the vehicle and drove it to the dealer. the mechanic could not duplicate the

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Front Suspension
ODI No: 10073984 - when driving vehicle pulled to the right. consumer took vehicle to dealer for a wheel alignment on three occassions, but problem recurred. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER 03 Suspension
ODI No: 10079070 - since the purchase of our 2003 outlander, it has veered badly to the right. i notified the dealer of the problem from the date of purchase. i have had it in the dealership to correct the p

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