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2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Automatic Transmission
ODI No: 10014081 - vehicle won't engage when shifted into drive and reverse (acts like it's in neutral). only happens when vehicle is cold (under 30 degrees outside). sometimes will slam into gear causing the

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Automatic Transmission
ODI No: 10022566 - when it is cold vehicle will not engage into drive. it takes about 30 to 40 seconds, and then vehicle jumps into gear. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Engine
ODI No: 10031534 - vehicle was idling in a restaurant drive thru lane. without warning, the engine suddenly accelerated causing consumer to rear-end the vehicle in front. .

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO 03 Electrical System Radio CD Player Interior Lighting Latch Lock
ODI No: 10037616 - an electrical system failure was causing all electrical operated components to malfunction or inoperative. for example, automatic door locks/interior lights/radio and etc. the cause of the

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Engine
ODI No: 10038594 - while driving, the check engine light illuminated on the dashboard. *jb .

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Automatic Transmission
ODI No: 10040866 - 2nd timeinto daeler for transmission problems. will have problems shifting then the check engine light comes on. first time dealer unsure of the cause or how to fix had vehicle in shop almos

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO 03 Electrical System Suspension
ODI No: 10044205 - while driving at any speed and turning the steering wheel to the left or right the vehicle always swayed to the right. the dealer replaced many parts but the problem is still occurring

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO 03 Tread Belt Tires
ODI No: 10048668 - while driving 65 mph the passenger side rear tire tread separated from the side wall. the cause of the problem has not been determined. *nlm when the tire was taken to firestone they dete

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO 03 Fuel Delivery Hose
ODI No: 10050896 - my vehicle is leaking raw fuel in my driveway.*ak .

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Electrical System
ODI No: 10051992 - the license plate lights went out. the bulbs were good therefore it's probable that the failure was due to a relay defect. the horn was also defective. the horn would blow but wouldn't sto

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Brake Disc Pad Brake Disc Rotor
ODI No: 10052247 - brake rotors and pads replaced every 3,000-4,000 miles. dealer claimed it was driver's abuse that caused premature wear of brake rotors/pads. consumer was furious. currently, after 4,000

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Steering
ODI No: 10054733 - vehicle sways, wonders on the road and is uncontrollable. also, it feels as though something is loose under the front end. i have taken this vehicle to the dealer on numerous occasions, an

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Automatic Transmission Body
ODI No: 10055022 - i bought the truck on a cloudy day. when the sun hit it, it had swirl marks burnt into it from where it was buffed at the factory. when turned in they buffed it again. now that it rained

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Interior wiring
ODI No: 10056040 - while driving at any speed dashboard lights reflected on the external rear view mirror at night. consumer considered the reflection very distracting while driving. *ak speedometer refle

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO 03 Automatic Transmission
ODI No: 10057948 - while driving and coming to complete stop automatic transmission doesn't shift properly from the first to the second gear. dealer inspected vehicle several times, but did not resolve the

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO 03 Engine/Cooling Automatic Transmission
ODI No: 10075816 - the vehicle stalled while slowing down for a stop light. although the vehicle is in drive it sometimes rolls backwards as if it is in neutral. *ak *nm .

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO 03 Gas Fuel System Fuel Delivery
ODI No: 10080910 - hesitation and stalling between 0-45 mph at slightly above 3/4 full tank of gas. vehicle leaks substantial quantity of fuel when parked on incline at slightly above 3/4 tank of gas. in add

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO 03 Rear Window Defroster Defogger
ODI No: 10081883 - while driving 40 mph consumer heard a loud noise coming from the rear. consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle, and pulled over. consumer noticed that the rear right window

2003 Mitsubishi MONTERO SPORT 03 Fuel Injection Rail
ODI No: 10088278 - the owner smelled gasoline fuel when operating vehicle and starting it one last time, the engine compartment burst into flames. this loss was investigated by superior investigations 800-779

Source Mitsubishi Problems/Defects/Complaints from National Highway Traffic and Safety Adminstration (NHTSA)

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