1991 Mitsubishi montero Problems

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1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Engine
ODI No: 10011135 - the vehicle consumed an excessive amount of oil.*jb .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Transmission Neutral Park
ODI No: 512253 - transmission gear shifter will not lock when key is removed from ignition switch, allowing vehicle to roll backwards. .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Seat Belt Buckle Steering Wheel and Handle Bar
ODI No: 517638 - steering column failure; also, front/rear seat belt buckles failed. *ak .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Tread Belt Tires
ODI No: 726534 - the tread just came flying right off of the tire, and almost caused my wife who is pregnent and my chil of four to roll. *ak( dot number: tire size: p235/75r15 ) .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Other
ODI No: 727038 - curt & hal service department called the mitsubishi dealer in our area and were told that this part was a very common repair to this particular vehicle. when looking for a used part, there

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Engine
ODI No: 733198 - i understand mitsubihi is having problems with crankshaft bolt problems in other vehicles, and this is another incident.*ak (dot number: n/a tiresize: n/a) .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Tires
ODI No: 741267 - i have been to firestone and they say this tire is not covered under their recall.*ak (dot number: vd60aw3238 tiresize: 3110.50r15) .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Gas Engine Tires
ODI No: 757386 - i had two tires blow out on me on the way home from north hollywood on 9/19/01. my car is presently at a repair shop, so i don't know the name of the tires. also my thermostat went out on

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Power Steering
ODI No: 8004532 - while driving and without warning there was loss of power steering.*ak .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Speed Control
ODI No: 803937 - during vehicle operation when the vehicle comes to a stop, it periodically tends to accelerate and surge forward. *ak .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Electrical System
ODI No: 835796 - while consumer was in the store vehicle caught on fire from the electrical system, and consumer can't determine the problem. *ak .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Speed Control
ODI No: 873249 - while braking or at a full stop, vehicle seemed to accelerate. consumer put car in neutral, and it revved. consumer said it was getting gas from somewhere.*ak .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Engine Power Steering
ODI No: 883117 - crankshaft pulley bolt became loose over time. pulley bolt came out while driving, causing a loss of power steering. dealr has been contacted.*ak .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Engine
ODI No: 884462 - while traveling and without any indication engine died. technician stated that bolts came out from crankshaft/ pully. please provide further information.*ak .

1991 Mitsubishi MONTERO 91 Brake Disc Rotor
ODI No: 959377 - front brake rotors have been replaced 5 times within 4 years; wear thin; metal to metal grinding sound; excessive stopping effect. tt .

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