2002 Mitsubishi mirage Problems

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2002 Mitsubishi MIRAGE 02 Frontal Air Bag
ODI No: 10049591 - vehicle involved in severe crash with heavy front end damage. the air bags did not deploy resulting in facial injuries and cracked ribs to the driver. *ak .

2002 Mitsubishi MIRAGE 02 EGR Valve
ODI No: 10068484 - the "service engine soon" malfunction indicator light has came on for the fourth time on 5.7.04 after it was supposed to have been fixed after the third time it was taken into the dealership

2002 Mitsubishi MIRAGE 02 Brake
ODI No: 8007992 - consumer states while appying brake at 25-30 mph the pedal went to the floor, and causes a rear end collision and total the vehicle, dealer notified. nlm .

Source Mitsubishi Problems/Defects/Complaints from National Highway Traffic and Safety Adminstration (NHTSA)

Last Update: August 28, 2004