2003 Mitsubishi galant Problems

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2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Electrical System Electrical wiring Engine exhaust
ODI No: 10005435 - when ever i crank the car up in the morning or afternoon after the car sits for a while the exhaust smells like bad eggs. the radio/cd was replace three times already and the cd player stil

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Fuel Injection System Automatic Transmission Brake Master Cylinder
ODI No: 10025249 - i have a '03 mitsubishi galant (automatic) which now has approx 8000 miles. at approx. 4500 miles the vehicle began hesitating upon hard acceleration, such as when entering a freeway. the

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Other
ODI No: 10030476 - when the car is warmed up and the air conditioning is turned on the air blowing out on the floor area is much warmer than the air blowing out in the upper area of the car. in order to get co

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Seat Recliner
ODI No: 10032879 - i rented a car and the driver seat kept sliding back. it would not latch into place. it occurred most when pressing on the brake pedal. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Seat Head Restraint
ODI No: 10036952 - i purchaed a mitsubishi galant 2003 on 8/19/03 from jim hudson mitsubishi. on 8/23/2003 i was hit in the rear by a mini van. the front seats of the galant slid back and the seats were brok

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Hydraulic Brake
ODI No: 10042291 - the vehicles brakes squeaked when they were applied. the vehicle was taken to the dealer who determined that the brakes were fine and that it was normal for the brakes to squeak. please d

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Air Bag Seat Recliner
ODI No: 10044134 - vehicle was involved in a four car pile up. during the collision, vehicle was struck from the rear and front, and air bags deployed. rear seat passenger hit the front passenger's seat, c

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Seats
ODI No: 10051103 - i had purchased a new mitsubishi gallant 2003 two weeks before being involved in a hit and run from the rear on the highway. because i was struck from the rear, my seat must have jolted and

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Air Bag Brake Disc Rotor
ODI No: 10052236 - when the brake pedal was applied, they failed to respond which caused the consumer to hit a guardrail. *ak the vehicle was serviced in aug of 2003 and the consumer wa told the rotors were ba

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Engine/Cooling
ODI No: 10058170 - the lifters are knocking. and after 3 attemps it has yet to be fixed. i have been waiting a week now to hear from the dealership. they said they do not know what to do now. they are waiting

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Accelerator pedal
ODI No: 10079562 - when the accelerator is depressed gas pedal intermittently sticks or vehicle won't move. dealer inspected vehicle and could not reproduce or correct the problem.*ak .

2003 Mitsubishi GALANT 03 Brake Drum Wheel Cylinder
ODI No: 10083756 - the rear brake cylinders on the 2003 mitsubishi galant are leaking. *mr *sc *jb .

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Last Update: August 28, 2004