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2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Engine
ODI No: 10002594 - consumer stated while driving at highway speed, the engine shut down which caused loss of power steering . please provide any additional information.*jb .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Door Latch
ODI No: 10009652 - the passenger side door was equipped with automatic locks which did not function unless supplied with electricity. the drivers' side door unlocked/opened by pulling the handle. *jb .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Hatchback Support
ODI No: 10010268 - i have a mitsubishi eclipse 2003 gts. i purchased it in september 2002 and it only has 7,000 miles on it, so it is fairly new. there is a latch by the front seat to open the trunk. ever s

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Manual Transmission
ODI No: 10014021 - my 2003 eclipse gt is hard to down shift into 2nd and 1st. the dealer says this is normal for these cars. my car also grinds going into 3rd gear sometimes. .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Power Steering
ODI No: 10014191 - power steering hose leak..went to dealer 3 times cannot fix leak. have to replenish fluid from time to time.*jb .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Ignition Switch
ODI No: 10014967 - the vehicle would not start because the connector to the ignition switch had a broken lock tab and was being pulled by the harness when the steering wheel was tiled. *jb *nlm .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE SPYDER 03 Door
ODI No: 10020867 - my complaint is about the blend do for the heating system of the 2003 mitsubishi eclipse. when the temperature control knob is rotated to the hot position, a cable behind the dashboard and

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Clutch Manual Transmission
ODI No: 10028522 - my clutch had to be replaced at only 14,500 miles. problems were evident at around 10,000 miles and became considerably worse in time. i have driven a manual transmission for 15 years and

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Engine
ODI No: 10030541 - when taking an exit off the freeway, the engine shut down which caused loss of power steering. *ph .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Frontal Air Bag Hydraulic Brake
ODI No: 10032189 - the day after the vehicle was purchased driver applied pressure to brake pedal and the vehicle fishtailed across the road. vehicle went airborne, and flipped over into a ditch. vehicle w

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Defroster Defogger
ODI No: 10034228 - while driving under foggy weather conditions, the defroster had been running about 15 minutes, then the driver turned off the defroster and turned on the air conditioner for about 20 minutes

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Body Side Rear Glass
ODI No: 10038437 - while driving about 3 mph and making a turn onto a side street, the vehicle hit a curb which caused a dent on the left side of the vehicle. the consumer stated while sitting in an enclos

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Floor Shift
ODI No: 10041520 - manual transmission - car seize when shifting into 5th gear. dealer stated that someone that serviced the car must have drained the gear lube oil down to 1 pint. i had the car towed to a tr

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Engine/Cooling
ODI No: 10042993 - oil leak from engine at only 2k miles, dealer is making repair. cause cracked oil pump housing. *la .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Manual Transmission
ODI No: 10043465 - selecting the second gear of my car often causes undesirable "grinding" and under no circumstances can that gear by used. this is a safety issue because i do not have power on demand and cou

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE SPYDER 03 Side Rear Glass
ODI No: 10043744 - rear window shattered while parked in covered parking. unknown cause and no indentation (point of impact). *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Frontal Air Bag
ODI No: 10045161 - lost control of vehicle on highway at about 60-70 mph in the rain, hit a guardrail several times and air bag did not deploy. front of vehicle was so damaged that car could not be repaired.

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 turbo-charger
ODI No: 10045961 - i have a 2003 ecipse that i have had in the shpo twice because my car is leaking oil. i have had continous run around at the garage waiting for parts etc. i am very dissatisfied with the fac

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Frontal Air Bag
ODI No: 10046883 - my daughter was driving approximately 65 mph in her 2003 mitsubishi eclipse when she was in a head on collision hitting a cement guardrail when the air bags did not deploy, front or side. c

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Clutch
ODI No: 10047641 - my clutch on my 2003 mitsubishi eclipse spyder started to show signs of slipping at around 11,000 miles. i thought it was covered under the bumper-to-bumper warranty and did not get it fixe

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Fog light
ODI No: 10050669 - i had the car, about for 5 to 6 months, and one day i was heading out to a friends when i realized that my fog light was busted. i knew i never hit anything of that sort or had anything hit

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Sidewall Tires
ODI No: 10051069 - two out of four tires had bulges coming out of the sidewalls after less than 14,000 miles. took them to goodyear and they blamed it on me. they said the plys delaminated because i was runn

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE SPYDER 03 Accelerator pedal
ODI No: 10051723 - while backing out of the driveway, the accelerator pedal became stuck and the brakes did not work.*mr the consumer hopes mitsubishi becomes aware of the problem occurring with their cars. *

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Air Bag
ODI No: 10051766 - vehicle involved in a head on collision and air bags did not deploy.*mr . while driving 60 mph the consumers daughter lost control of the car and hit a cement guardrail head on. the air ba

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Body
ODI No: 10052224 - when the consumer drove the vehicle, it was hard to see out of the rear window. the vehicle was designed with the back setting to high up. the manufacturer and the dealer were aware of the

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Frontal Air Bag
ODI No: 10052248 - consumer's vehicle was rear ended by another vehicle, causing consumer's vehicle to rear end the vehicle in front. upon impact, neither driver driver's side nor passenger's side airbags

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Fog light
ODI No: 10054403 - hi, i bought my eclipse in september 2003 and a month later one of my external fog lights broke without any reason, i went to the dealer and told me that must be a rock hitting the fog ligh

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Door
ODI No: 10056682 - when the driver's side window is in the full upward position, the door is hard to open/close; the glass gets stuck in the window molding. took to dealer, who replaced window molding, but re

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Electrical System
ODI No: 10057338 - after driving 65 mph the consumer noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment. the consumer pulled over and opened the hood to see all the insulation smoldering. all of the electrical

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Headlight
ODI No: 10064121 - i pruchased a 2003 eclipse in may 2002 and now the coating on my headlights is cracking. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Other Other Power Window
ODI No: 10070427 - we bought a 2003 eclipse from sun coast mis. right away we complained about the smell of mold. finally we took the car in on a rainy day and my wife got out of the back seat totally wet. t

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Clutch
ODI No: 10074254 - the clutch failed after only 12,000 miles. the dealer said that the vehicle was hot rodded but the driver stated that she was an experienced manual transmission driver. they also said that

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Wheel Rim
ODI No: 10074586 - bulge on front tire of 2003 mitsubishi eclipse gts. tire is a goodyear rsa p215/50 r17. less than 10,000 miles on tire when bulge appeared. both mitsubishi and goodyear blamed defect on

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Clutch Pedal
ODI No: 10074604 - i just bought this car and yesterday i noticed a grinding sound when i let out the clutch to start the car. i took it into the shop and was told that it was the clutch disk that was gone an

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Sunroof
ODI No: 10078915 - while traveling 60 mph on the expressway on a clear day, no construction, no trucks in sight, not going under an overpass - my sunroof suddenly explodes! the sunroof had only been partially

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Exhaust Emission
ODI No: 10079470 - while driving at any speed consumer smelled strong chemical fumes inside the passenger compartment. dealer inspected the vehicle, and could not duplicate or correct the problem. *ak .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Body
ODI No: 10082473 - water leaks in from vent when going through a car wash, never repaired. *jb .

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Fuel Pump Transmission TCM PCM Rear View Mirror Sunroof
ODI No: 10088460 - my 2003 eclipse gts has been serviced for about 10 different things in a matter of 8 months. 4 seperate times i had brought it in for a jerking automatic transmission 3 times they told me n

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE SPYDER 03 Windshield
ODI No: 766575 - both side door windows leak water. the leak occurs even during a rain storm. the car can just be sitting in the diveway and water will leak down the inside of the windows. this will cause

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Driveshaft Tires Windshield
ODI No: 768910 - i purchased this vehicle brand new, and what a mistake it was. i have begun the process of declaring the lemon law. i have had the vehicle into the shop for repairs 8 times in 4 months. t

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Steering Wheel and Handle Bar
ODI No: 8020385 - consumer states that while driving around a curved road at 50 mph, the vehicles steering wheel suddenly became stiff. consumer hit a wall as a result. please provide any further information

2003 Mitsubishi ECLIPSE 03 Frontal Air Bag
ODI No: 8021801 - consumer states while driving 40mph had a front end collision and air bag did not deploy. ts .

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