1998 Mitsubishi diamante Problems

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1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Rear Seat Belt
ODI No: 10037859 - rear passenger side shoulder belt buckle could not be unlatched. this caused child to be locked in the seat belt and unable to move. seat belt had to be cut near the waistline area to free

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Windshield Defroster Heater
ODI No: 10082271 - this is a mitsubishi diamante 1998 es. i'm experiencing pungent smell of anti-freeze inside the car as soon as i turn on heating. the dealer i got the preowned car from won't fix the problem

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Accelerator pedal
ODI No: 10088452 - this is the second time since december 2003 that the accelerator stuck while in reverse and the brakes failed, causing property damage and injuries. this is very dangerous and i thank god th

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Windshield Defroster Heater
ODI No: 559664 - heater core failed to work for six weeks, fumes went through the vents and anti freeze leaked into the passenger's side carpet and padding, vehicle taken to dealership on 12/12/00, vehicle r

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Windshield Defroster Heater
ODI No: 559796 - the heater core failed causing antifreeze to leak inside the vehicle along with an odor coming out of the vents, the vehicle was taken to the dealer for repair where they said they replaced

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Windshield Wiper Washer
ODI No: 704281 - windshield wiper blades don't contact the windshield in cold weather due to a stiff hinge near the base of the wiper arm. can be temporarily corrected by using a light, penetrating lubrican

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Brake Disc
ODI No: 747642 - brake pads premature wear, and brake rotors have warped at least 10 times. *ak .

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Radio CD Player Power Steering Fluid Body Door Tires
ODI No: 8007265 - kumho 716 hp4 p215-60-16 94h dot # 4tl1-yp71-2501 h-rated tires were not the correct rating that was supposed to be put on vehicle. contacted dealer who was not willing to do anything.*ak c

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Speed Control
ODI No: 836897 - throttle got stuck, making it hard to stop. owner said the gasket clamp for the hose was too close to the throttle. *ak .

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 ABS Antilock
ODI No: 846125 - while driving and and applying the brakes to come to a stop , vehicle vibrated even when taking off very slowly. *ak .

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Wheels Lugs Nuts Bolts
ODI No: 857144 - at one time left front tire became detached from the frame while driving about 20 mph, causing the car to be uncontrollable. this situation happened on a road with no traffic. *ak *ml .

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Ignition Module
ODI No: 865523 - vehicle would stop without prior warning. ( ecu) electronic computer unit malfunctioned. vehicle is at the dealership.*ak .

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Windshield Defroster Heater
ODI No: 885310 - heater core failed to work, and fumes entered passenger compartment.*ak .

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Windshield Defroster Heater
ODI No: 887358 - heater core failed, causing anti freeze to leak into passenger's compartment. dealer has been notified.*ak the antifreeze had also started leaking on computer components under the conso

1998 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE 98 Brake Disc
ODI No: 889442 - premature wear of front brake pads and rotors. dealer has replaced pads and rotors several times . *ak .

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