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Automatic Transmission

ODI ID: 760515 NHTSA Complaint ID: 356758

Make: Mitsubishi Model: 1999 ECLIPSE 99

Component/Parts: Automatic Transmission

Failure Date: February 06, 2002 Complaint Date: April 10, 2002

City/State: SANTA ANA, CA (California)
Crash: NA Fire: No Injured: 0 Deaths: 0

Complaint Description: on 2/6/02 i took my car to anaheim mitsubishi with possibility that transmission was slipping and that the vehicle was running rough and almost dies when i come to a stop. mitsubishi states "hooked up the multiple unit tester and found no codes stored, test drove and was unable to duplicate complaint. advise customer. no other work done." on this date mitsubishi did the 18 month / 22500 service, which consist of brake inspection/tire rotation, maintenance service, change oil and filter and inspect all fluid levels. on 2/20/02 i took my car back to anaheim mitsubishi for the same problem, vehicle has a rough idle after coming to a stop in gear, idles under 750 rpm, doesn't happen all the time. mitsubishi states "test drove and was unable to duplicate condition at this time. no other work done." on 3/29/02 i took my car back to anaheim mitsubishi for the same problem, vehicle almost dies out at idle, hesitates and runs rough. idle fluctuates from 750 rpms to almost 0 rpms at stop when incident occurs. fuel filter/injectors? mitsubishi states there is 3 to 4 possible reasons this type of problem will occur and not show up on the computer, one being the throttle needs to be cleaned. mitsubishi cleaned throttle and told me if that didn't solve the problem to bring the car back and they would eliminate the 3 other possibilities. on 4/4/02 i took my car back to anaheim mitsubishi for the same problem, i told them while the throttle cleaning helped at first it did not solve my problem and i asked to speak to the service manager. i explained to the service manager (george) that i have brought my car back 4 times for the same problem and it still wasn't fixed and that i didn't think it was going to show up on their computer, since it hasn't before and it doesn't do it all the time. i then asked george why nobody informed me, on 2/6/02 when the car was first brought in for this problem and they changed the oil, that my top radiator hose had been leaking or why no. *ak .

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