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Automatic Transmission

ODI ID: 757335 NHTSA Complaint ID: 349724

Make: Mitsubishi Model: 1999 ECLIPSE 99

Component/Parts: Automatic Transmission

Failure Date: December 28, 2001 Complaint Date: January 25, 2002

City/State: FAIRFIELD, CA (California)
Crash: NA Fire: No Injured: 0 Deaths: 0

Complaint Description: gears on car weren't shifting on acceleration;stayed in low gear. turned out to be a bad input sensor with pieces of metal around it. during a transmission maintenance the same day, there were metal shavings found on the panel. during further inspection, it turned out that the torque converter failed and the clutches were burnt. also, there was an outdated drum housing design on the car that has been updated in newer models because failures were found in the old design (which was in my care). i have a letter of findings from the transmission shop that inspected the car and they indicated that the transmission in my eclipse failed quicker than it should have. mitsubishi should have issued a recall on the old drum housing designs that are part of the transmission because this may be one of the reasons why my transmission failed prematurely. *ak .

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