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Seat Belts

ODI ID: 743638 NHTSA Complaint ID: 302402

Make: Mitsubishi Model: 1993 MIRAGE 93

Component/Parts: Seat Belts

Failure Date: March 28, 2001 Complaint Date: April 06, 2001

City/State: NORTHUMBERLAND, PA (Pennsylvania)
Crash: NA Fire: No Injured: 0 Deaths: 0

Complaint Description: this seatbelt has been recalled in 97, which i had done. now out of the blue it just stopped working. i called the dealership and also the mitsubishi hotline and they are both saying that because it was already replaced that my case is closed and they won't give me a new one. other than the seatbelt not working, this 8 year old car runs fine, i don't want to get rid of it just because it will cost more than half the book value of the car to replace this defective part. can you help me?*ak .

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