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Frontal Air Bag,Frontal Air Bag

ODI ID: 717926 NHTSA Complaint ID: 201623,201624

Make: Mitsubishi Model: 1998 ECLIPSE 98

Component/Parts: Frontal Air Bag,Frontal Air Bag

Failure Date: January 16, 2000 Complaint Date: January 26, 2000

City/State: MOULTONBOROUGH, NH (New Hampshire)
Crash: Yes Fire: No Injured: 1 Deaths: 0

Complaint Description: i was driving to manchester from concord. i hit a patch of snow or black ice, i couldn't tell, and hit a guardrail head-on going approximately 55 miles per hour. the front end of my car was pushed in and the frontal impact was strong enough to pop open the trunk. my airbags did not deploy and i almost went through the windshield. i didn't happen to have my seatbelt on this time. the only thing that kept me from going through the windshield was the fact that i sit so close to the steering wheel that my legs caught on it and pushed me down. my head hit the wheel and then bounced back to hit the metal bars on my headrest whereas it had popped up on impact. i was transported by ambulance to the hospital where i was treated for minor concussion, bruised ribs, and back and neck pain. the back and neck pain are still here and i am taking medication for it. i have asked the manufacturer about it and they are giving me run-around answers. i do not think that it should take more than that to set off the sensors. anymore and it could have been fatal. i am very thankful noone was in the passenger seat or they very well might have been through the windshield. i have looked at the reports and have seen other complaints about the airbags, could you please investigate this it is serious and the manufacturer is telling me that if i want it investigated that i have to pay for it. please e-mail me or feel free to contact me with any questions or results. thank you. *ak .

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