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Hydraulic Brake

ODI ID: 10038966 NHTSA Complaint ID: 447917

Make: Mitsubishi Model: 2001 MONTERO SPORT 01

Component/Parts: Hydraulic Brake

Failure Date: August 16, 2003 Complaint Date: September 16, 2003

City/State: COLMA, CA (California)
Crash: No Fire: No Injured: 0 Deaths: 0

Complaint Description: i have a 2001 mitsubishi montero sport ls 2wd, which i purchased new and approximately 14 month after i purchased with only 7000 mile's at the time, i started hearing some wired noise every time i hit the brake, and the whole vehicle vibrates at the same time, mainly when getting off the freeway, and i want to reduce speed from highway to city speed, at first i though it was the abs, so that was why i never paid attention to it, but as i kept driving it, the noise and vibration was getting worse, so , i took it to the dealer,on august 16 03, when the vehicle had 17283 mile's, and they inspected the brakes, and they found that the brake pads were worn out, so they (dealer) told me, that, new pads would fix the problem, i just replaced the brake pads, and i still have the same problem, i like to mention, that, with experiences that i have with other cars that i have had in the past, i have never needed to replace brake pads at 18000 miles, brake pads on all my vehicles last 50000 to 60000 mile's, therefore i think that the reason why these brake pads got worn out to fast, was the noise and vibration that is coming from the front wheels every time i apply the brake, this is a safety related problem, i'm afraid to drive it, mainly on the mountains, hills etc. this noise and vibration has nothing to do with brake pads or rotors, this is something else that the manufacturer has to look at. *jb .

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