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ODI ID: 10037435 NHTSA Complaint ID: 443815

Make: Mitsubishi Model: 2000 GALANT 00

Component/Parts: Body

Failure Date: September 08, 2003 Complaint Date: September 08, 2003

City/State: METAIRIE, LA (Louisiana )
Crash: No Fire: No Injured: 0 Deaths: 0

Complaint Description: my galant is just three years old and the paint is seriously fading. it is obvious that this is a defect in the paint. i have taken it to 3 mechanics and they've all told me the paint is defective. there are many galants in my area that are older than mine and have no paint defects. this is very disturbing considering i haven't even paid the car off yet and the entire car needs a paint job because it looks awful. the top, hood and trunk of my black car are covered in huge white spots. it is terrible and i will never buy a mitsubishi again and i also plan to report this to 6 on your side news station, so it can be made known that mitsubishi's will fade within 2-3 years of purchase, since they don't tell you this when you buy the car.*ak .

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