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Business Ethics

Falsified Data Forces Nippon Oil To Shut Refineries
"More than one of our employees was involved in falsifying reports," said Nippon Oil. The inspections that Nippon Oil failed to carry out over the years are related to the use of high-pressure gas at refineries, and are required by Japanese law. (August 2003)

ASML, Nikon Patent Spat Escalates
Netherlands-based ASML slaps a $95 million lawsuit in a Japan court, accusing Nikon of patent infringement and antitrust violations. It is the third complaint ASML has filed against Nikon in the past five months for patents involving lithography equipment. (August 2002)

Tokio Fire & Marine Insurance sued for bad faith
Was sued for penalties arising from Tokio's admitted failure to disclose the liability limits of its insured. (It won though.) (February 2002)

The bribery scandal involving Osaka Oil dealer Izui Jun'ichi (1997)
He claimed to have received 6 billion yen from Mitsubishi (Nippon) Oil in order to win secure offshore oil rights from Vietnam and help sell imported coal to a public electric power company. (October 2000)

Mitsubishi Trust & Banking paid Kuze millions
Financial Reconstruction Commission (FRC) chairman, Kimitaka Kuze, of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), asked to resign for his controversial long-term tie with the Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Corp. because the FRC supervises the nation's banking industry. (July 2000)

U.S. EPA Fines Mitsubishi Cement for Faulty Air Pollution Monitoring
Mitsubishi Cement Corp.'s Cushenbury Plant in Lucerne Valley in San Bernardino County fined for violations of the federal Clean Air Act involving failure to adequately monitor particulate air pollution. (March 1999)

IBM-Hitachi The Software Cnnection? - Copyright Law
In October 1983 Mitsubishi Electric pleaded no contest to charges of conspiracy to transport stolen material. The company announced "We didn't surrender and are rather feeling we've won." (April 1984)